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Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and the Ethics of Admiral Robert Fitzroy’s Storm Glass

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Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry and the Ethics of Admiral Robert Fitzroy’s Storm Glass

Last century, before sealed roads linked North West Australia to areas of population, dusty dirt roads were used by mining exploration companies, which passed through huge station properties where underground water sustained a thriving cattle industry. One of the popular tales told in those days was about how flocks of white cockatoos, sensing that rain was coming to their area, became very excited, flying about in a frenzy of screeching excitement. In some arid areas it may have been well over a year since rain had fallen, but those birds always seemed to know days beforehand, that a rare storm was approaching. Some biological mechanism had been triggered that 20th Century science was unable to explain.

Admiral Robert Fitzroy, during Charles Darwin’s Voyage on HMS Beagle, had concocted a mixture of chemicals, which he had sealed inside glass jars called storm glasses. In 1859 The British Crown issued them to many fishing villages throughout Britain. Captains of ships at port were to read them before going to sea. The formation of crystals, cloudy fluids, thread like formations, spotting or star clots, indicated future weather conditions. Because the jars were sealed the science of their day could not explain how they functioned.

The Molecule of Emotion, discovered by Dr Candace Pert in 1972, is now considered an expression of fractal logic and provides explanations as to why the flocks of cockatoos reacted to the approaching arrival of flooding rains. Within the present scientific world-view, the association of infinite fractal purpose, although an accepted logic, cannot be associated with any biological process. Einstein’s Premier Law of all of Science, the universal heat death law, forbids it. All evolutionary processes are understood to lead to the total heat death extinction of life and cannot be part of any infinite fractal process.

The properties of Carbon 70, which functions beyond the entropic limitation of Einstein’s world-view, have been discovered and are inspiring new concepts of ethical quantum biological energy technology under the guidance of the new Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry. Fullerene Chemistry has been established by the three 1996 Nobel Laureates in chemistry and is basic to their new medical institute called C 60 Inc., suggesting that Carbon 70 is also relevant to a medical science, as is suggested herein. The term ‘ethical’ arises from the Platonic Science for Ethical Ends, from which Buckminster Fuller derived his synergistic theories, which balanced Einstein’s entropic world-view, as did also Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished papers discovered last century.

In Australia the governmental understanding of the way carbon functions is so confused that Australian voters can be seen to be about to bring down the present government over issues that appear to many to belong to an international debt enforcement global rationalism. The use of Kantian Aesthetics to maintain a Moral Jurisprudence Law to somehow depict perpetual economic growth and development is illogical. Only fractal logic can possibly be used to develop such a line of reasoning and that logic belongs to Kantian fractal logic electromagnetic Ethics, banished from science due to its paganorigins within the Platonic Science for Ethical Ends. If Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry were to clearly demonstrate the principles upon which Admiral Fitzroy’s storm glass was enabled to forecast the weather, the entropic logic of global economic rationalism could not possibly grasp them.

Homo Entropicus, by scientific definition, can only bring about an acceleration of the chaos associated with the extinction process. It is a shocking thought that the ones attacking the logic of the existing entropic death sentence mentality, might be the confused unethical thugs who seem to find some need to run amok in our urban environment. The point that might need to be examined is, is it possible that we need to gain an understanding of what Plato’s engineering ethics of a spiritual reality are all about, now that Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry is presenting them as the basis of a new holographic environmental science?

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