June 20, 2024


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Customer Service for Skateboard Parks

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How do you please a group of teenagers at a Skateboard Park? Perhaps you need to consider a little extra customer service. Now then obviously kids on skateboards have a chip on their shoulder and attempting to threaten them that you are going to throw them out of the park will not work, after all they have probably been thrown out of every shopping center in town, more than once.

As a kid, on a skateboard once got chased by a Hughes 500 Helicopter when I tried to escape selective prosecution, after ditching a security guard and a black and white, which came to his aid? Imagine if I would have been caught; $500 per hour Jet A fuel bill my parents would have received? I would have had privileges terminated for months and been grounded.

Needless to say customer service at a skateboard park starts with true customer service and not threats. When dealing with skateboarders at skateboard parks you must understand that they wish to be treated like adults. It is therefore necessary to talk to them as such and explain to them your predicament and need for safety and their responsibility to follow the rules.

Meanwhile, customer service is understanding their needs and taking their questions and comments seriously. I can tell you after working with the local parks and recreation Department in our city. That once a customer service program was implemented; not only did the skateboarders enjoy the park more, but we had great reviews from their parents. Please consider all this in 2006.

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