June 18, 2024


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Massive Productivity Savers: Online Fax Service and Other Fantastic Ideas

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If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, then here’s a quick riddle for you: What does an online fax service, a notepad, and a mind map have in common?

Simple: they’re all key techniques that can save you a great deal of productivity and effort in running your small business!

In today’s stagnant economy, it’s more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to get as much value for as little money as possible. That’s why productivity – both in terms of your own and your employees – has become such a hot-button issue as of late. More business owners are determined to find the small fixes that can have a massive impact on the company’s bottom line.

With regards to an online fax service, mind mapping and a simple notepad, they might not seem like much at first; but if you put each of these items together, you’ll discover a veritable symphony of time-saving, energy-preserving, productivity-boosting tools that will transform every hour into an oasis of creativity and brainstorming.

Are you ready to learn about these massive productivity savers? Then sit back, relax and enjoy learning about how a fax by Internet system and other resources can help turn your business – and your employees – into a profit-boosting machine:

An Internet Fax Service: If you’ve never heard of an Internet fax service before, then you’ll love what you’re about to read: it’s a great way to save a bundle of time that would be otherwise spent sending faxes to your clients, employees and prospects. Think of it this way: an online fax service is to faxing as emailing is to sending letters. The overall outcome is the same (the receiving party gets their information), but the process of sending that information is infinitely sped up.

Using an Internet fax service is essentially the same as email with fax. Rather than wasting time waiting at the fax machine for confirmation that your documents went through, you simply upload the fax onto your computer via a scanner, send the documents via a special online fax service, and the receiving party will receive it from their own fax machine. This means that you’ll cut down on those wasted minutes at the fax machine which could be better spent on something more important…
… Like brainstorming that next great business idea or working with your employees on increasing your company’s bottom line.

A Notepad: I know this seems like an antiquated tool to use, especially in today’s high-tech world. But there’s just something about jotting down your thoughts and ideas on a pad of paper – and if you use the following technique, you can turn that notepad into an oasis of fantastic business ideas:

· As soon as you get into work, pull out your notepad and a pencil. Don’t bother checking your phone or your email – these are only time-wasters that will eat up valuable minutes that could be spent furthering the success of your business.

· Start writing down everything about your business without stopping. Think of this as your diary for your business – and just like a diary entry, you shouldn’t hold anything back.

· Write for at least twenty minutes. If you want to organize the writing in an easy-to-read, manageable entry, then write in bullet points. Once you’ve finished the twenty minutes of writing, review your list and select the top five tasks, ideas or thoughts that will have the biggest impact on your business success. For example, an idea for increasing customer retention rates will have a bigger impact on your business than an idea for organizing your office files.

These five tasks, ideas or thoughts should take up priority during your day; everything else should be delegated or only take up ten minutes of your time. This way, your time won’t be wasted on activities that have little to do with the success of your company.

Mind Mapping: If you’ve ever seen a bubble diagram, then you already have a pretty good idea of what a mind map is. A mind map is a type of bubble diagram that can help visual learners focus on the tasks that will be the most productive in terms of furthering your business goals.

To make a mind map, write down a major goal you have (one from the top five listed above would work nicely here). Now draw a line from the center bubble and write down specific steps that can help you accomplish those goals. Keep this diagram by your computer to remind yourself of the goals you should be focusing on, not tasks that are productivity-wasters.

Thanks to an online fax service, a notepad and mind mapping, you can preserve your business productivity without taking a chunk out of your company budget!

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