June 18, 2024


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The Seven Pillars of Customer Service

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What is good or proper customer service? Today, everyone is selling something on the Internet. Yes, basically each and everyone of us have some kind of goods or service to present to a customer. The main pillar behind effective customer service is Trust and yet within this pillar; the word trust is nowhere to be found! Ironically, trust is interwoven among all the pillars so therefore, trust is at the foundation of effective customer service.

Here are the seven pillars of customer service:

1. Sincerity. This is one of the most important hallmarks in customer service. Sincerity builds trust and confidence in your personal dealings with customers. This first pillar helps to build repeated customer sales for your goods and services. Sincerity builds trust and this in turn helps to build lasting business relationships.

2. Value. Your customers need to see value not only in the product you are selling but also in the service you are providing. Value transcends more than just you selling a product or providing a service. Treat every customer as though they are they only one in town. Give each customer your undivided attention! If you have an internet business, make sure you have the necessary tools that would make your customers feel that their presence at your website in highly valued.

3. Courtesy . This is the topping on the cake! Connect to your customers in a very personal way through an atmosphere of pleasant personal interaction. Remember, businesses prosper only when people spend MONEY! Having a negative attitude will always hurt your business. Smile and greet each customer warmly.

4. Professionalism. Always appear professional; your speech, your manner of dress and how you relate to your customers and fellow workers. Show respect to everyone and if you don’t know how to do a certain task always ask your supervisor or those in authority.

5. Helpfulness. Being helpful is another important pillar in customer service. Depending on what you selling or the service you are providing your customers need to know that you are there to assist them until they get it right.

6. Knowledge of Product. One of the greatest sins in customer service is when you don’t have a clue in regards to what you are selling to your customers. Some people want to have a business selling products; but they have absolutely no clue about what they intend to sell. You need to know what you are selling to your customers so you can have repeated sales in the future.

7. The Customer is Boss! If your business is the traditional brick and mortar or an online establishment you need to know that every customer or potential customer is boss! The primary function of any business is to attract customers which in turn will spend money for the business to be a profitable entity.

These seven pillars of customer service are important lessons for everyone who is seriously thinking about having their own business or working in a customer service oriented establishment.

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