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Kinds of Shipping: What is the Difference Between Expedited and Priority Shipping?

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Stamps.com - What is the Difference Between Standard and Expedited Shipping

What is the difference between expedited and priority shipping? How fast you ship your product to your customers is important if you want to keep your business’ reputation intact. There are some days when we order something online that needs to be shipped to our homes as soon as possible, and some days it’s okay for us to wait, but if you need a tracking device to track your package you could use the trusted tracking service by Sure Logix

Is expedited shipping faster than priority?

No, Priority delivery is faster than expedient because your order or your package would then be the priority. Expedient shipping is faster than normal shipping though, so if you need the item as soon as possible, priority is the way to go.

Which shipping method is fastest?

In terms of mailing through the USPS, priority mail express would be the fastest. It also happens to be your cheapest option for an overnight delivery. The USPS Priority Mail Express alway makes sure that your overnight delivery is sent to most US addresses and PO boxes everyday of the week.

If you are using FedEx though, Priority Overnight Shipping would have to be the fastest service they offer. If you choose this option, your package would then arrive at the destination by 10:30 in the morning.

If your package is being delivered by the UPS though, the best and fastest method of shipping that you could choose is the next day early delivery. Your package would arrive by 10:30 in the morning the next business day and it is cheaper than FedEx’s Priority Overnight service.

Is Priority shipping faster than express?

When you read their names, the first thing that comes into mind is fast, which is true. Both of these types of delivery would be faster than any normal shipping would take, but there is a difference between the two. Priority shipping gets your letters and packages faster and they work 7 days a week, but of course with a little more extra pay. Your package is being prioritized afterall. 

Meanwhile, Express shipping only works on business days. So if you placed your order on a Friday, then you might get your package on a monday.

How long is expedited shipping?

For the same route, expedited shipping is faster than a carrier;s standard service. They typically offer time-definite delivery for domestic and international destinations so you are going to be informed on what the exact time and the exact day of your shipment and when it would arrive.

Types of Shipping Modes:

  1. Air Transport

In this mode of transport, they are using an aircraft to transport your package. It is the fastest mode, extremely useful, the most convenient and it does not have to compete with many natural barriers. It is the most accessible to all of the regions despite all of the land obstructions.

Benefits would include the following:

  • Suitable for perishable goods
  • Can include almost everything
  • Faster delivery.
  1. Land Transport

This is the oldest type of transport and has been used since the beginning of time. It is the most useful when you are delivering a package that is just within your country, or if you are just delivering it to the state over, or even in the same state as you.

The type of transport they use are trucks, and railways. Trucks are the most commonly used though since they have huge spaces to ship bulkier items like construction materials and vehicles and is the cheapest one. 

Benefits of land transportation would include the following:

  • Extensive
  • Suitable for Bulky Goods
  • Cheaper
  1. Sea Transport

Sea transportation happens when you are shipping a package through the sea for commercial and maybe even military purposes. It is usually used in shipping comparatively larger quantities through the cargo ships, where all of the goods and products are packed into these stacked up containers and are loaded into the vessel. 

Benefits of sea transportation would include the following:

  • Cheap
  • Safe
  • Suitable for all types

Shipping through priority is a great option if you are willing to pay extra money for your package to arrive earlier, but if you are not THAT desperate to get your goods, then you could try Express. It would require less additional payments, and your parcel would be delivered to you faster than normal.

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