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Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know

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Just like any other equipment, solar panels need maintenance. Solar panel systems consist of structures such as cables, batteries, and inverters. To be able to make them function well, they need to be in good condition all the time. Solar panels repair and maintenance are offered by solar providers to keep their clients’ solar panels in good condition and avoid deterioration as years pass by. Here is some Q&A on Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything you need to know. 

Do Solar Panels Need To Be Maintained?

Yes, annual cleaning and maintenance are needed to check the condition of the solar panel system. Since solar installation is installed on the roof, it will likely be exposed to a lot of elements and the way it is tilted can also add up to the factor of getting damaged.  For instance, ground panels can be easily cleaned compared with roof panels. For ground panels, they can easily be swept, but for roof panels, special techniques are needed to make sure they are spotless. 

How Do You Maintain Solar Panels?

There are several ways of maintaining solar panels and here are some:

Installing Solar Panel Monitoring System 

Having a solar panel monitoring system can help you track down how much energy is being used on an everyday basis and how much they produce over time. This can help you see how external factors affect your solar panel function and can create changes necessary to protect your solar panels from damages. Monitoring systems also send alarms when there is an unusual activity happening on your solar panels. 

Regular Cleaning

Solar panels can accumulate dust and other elements since they are exposed outside. This can affect its efficiency if there are blockages. Having your solar panel cleaned by solar providers will be the best option since they are more equipped and skilled when it comes to cleaning solar panels. 

Keep it Away From Shade

Always make sure that your solar panels are directly open to the sun. For instance, large tree branches or the trees in your neighborhood are growing and blocking your solar panel. Make sure to have the issue fixed since it can make your solar inefficient to perform its purpose.

What Is The Standard Warranty For Solar Panels?

Some solar providers are generous enough to give a 25-year warranty, but the standard warranty given by most solar providers is a 10-year warranty. The structures of the solar panels as inverters also have their own warranty period which is 5 to 10 years. Before purchasing a solar panel, make sure to read all the details in the warranty, so you will know what’s included and what is not. 

How To Repair Or Replace Solar Panels?

If solar panels are still functional, repairs can be done and the best way to do it is by calling your solar providers. Most solar providers include repairs in their warranty unless some parts need to be changed, which will depend on the agreement made between you and your solar provider. For replacement, there are reasons why panels should be replaced. For instance, if panels are extremely damaged then they have to be changed with new ones. Replacing a solar panel is the same as installing a new one. So taking care of your solar panels is important to avoid replacement. 

How Does Extreme Weather Impact Your Solar Panels?

  • Extreme weather can affect solar panels in several ways: 
  • Too high a temperature that is reaching up to 149 degrees (F) can make solar panels lose their efficiency. 
  • A hail storm can severely damage solar panels and snow can build up on the solar panels causing blockage and would not allow solar panels to take enough energy. 
  • Lightning strikes can cause high-voltage surges and affect components of the system. 

Having knowledge of solar panel maintenance: Everything you need to know can help you decide if solar panel installation is indeed for you. You need to understand that a solar panel needs maintenance to keep it efficient and be able to function well. Solar maintenance can help protect your investment in your solar panel system. By giving the needed care, you can make its durability longer and in return, you get enough energy you need.

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