June 20, 2024


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Work Ethics – When Your Spouse Works For a Competitor

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There are couples who find that they are earning a living from two rival companies. It is even more interesting when both parties happen to be at management levels at their places of work. This scenario can cause tension at home if not addressed appropriately.

A case is cited of a lady who, in good faith, shared a project idea with her husband over dinner. The husband later found himself at a fix when he attended a meeting with his bosses and had no ready idea to present. You guessed right; he gave the very presentation that his wife had shared with him and had his company implementing the proposal before the competition.

To avoid such incidents, it is advisable that the married couple agree that they will not carry sensitive work home and if they do so, they will encrypt their data or lock their documents. It is also wise not to talk about office business all together while you are at home.

With technological advances, simple gadgets such as mobile phones are able to synchronize our office mails and any documents attached to the mails. This means that our valuable business presentations can be viewed on the phone. To prevent access of the information, put a phone code all the time. It would also help if you agreed with your spouse to have a business phone and a social one.

It is a serious offense and breach of most company policies to share valuable information with the competition, even a spouse. Work ethics also demands for integrity and discreteness. Treat office information with care today.

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