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As WeWorks lie empty, coworking spaces face their day of reckoning | WIRED  UK

I’m now no longer going to speak approximately We Work’s CEO, valuations, the botched IPO, or how Soft Bank spent billions of greenbacks to shop for 20 grams of peanuts. Irrespective of the economic issues, We Work has constructed an international co-running empire in only a few brief years. Another agency that has been inside the identical commercial enterprise for over many years is IWG Plc aka Regus. In this We Work vs Regus comparison, let’s take a look at that is a higher co-running area issuer for small corporations, startups, and freelancers.

Both We Work and Regus offer workplace areas, equipment, convention rooms, and different perks so that you and your crew participants an awareness of your work. Companies big and small have used Regus and We Workplaces as their local or number one places of work.

We Work vs Regus: Locations

Both We Work and Regus lemall are unexpectedly increasing their presence worldwide. They each rent the best high-stop houses in top-rate places. Regus become based in 1989. Over the final 3 many years, it has multiplied to approximately 3,500 places in one hundred twenty countries. If you’re a Regus member, you may use their places regionally in addition to abroad.

The areas

They each perform high-stop workplace areas with top-rate interiors. If you’ve signed up for the recent table, you’ll get admission to the open workspace inside the not unusual place area. It works on a first-come, first-serve basis. Just choose any of them to be had warm desks inside the not unusual place area, and begin running.

Both Regus and We Work additionally offer a committed table with all of the blessings of a full-time workplace which include mail and package handling. Then there are personal places of work for people in addition to teams. Both of them have digital places of work, convention rooms, kitchens, and unfastened refreshments.

Both agencies arrange networking and social events, supplying you with masses of possibilities to have interaction with others.

The sense and vibe

A huge distinction between the 2 is that We Work has a greater informal, relaxed, and community-pushed surroundings whilst Regus has a greater formal, privacy-targeted vibe. At We Workplaces, you’ll see glass partitions all around. If you’re worried approximately privacy, We Work isn’t the region for you. The agency does come up with the choice to sandblast at eye level, however, that’s now no longer correct sufficient for privacy-aware humans.

We Work’s community-targeted technique works properly with millennials and begin-ups. That’s why you’ll see loads of startups, freelancers, and small corporations there. We Work promotes collaboration among tenant agencies. It’s an amusing and informal region in which humans come to work. We Work additionally companions with close-by eating places and gymnasiums to provide their tenants extraordinary discounts.

We Work vs Regus: Pricing

Prices range significantly relying on the locality, city, and country. We Work is greater obvious with its pricing. The charges might be one of a kind for one-of-a-kind places inside the identical city. We Work at 511 West twenty-fifth St in Manhattan, New York charges $560 in keeping per month for a warm table, $650/month for the committed table, and $1,060/month for a personal workplace. These charges are for an unmarried person. If you’ve got a crew of 3, the identical vicinity charges $2,800/month.

Regus doesn’t monitor the pricing on its internet site or every other market internet site. You must touch them over the tele ctablesmartphone or go to certainly considered one among their places to get the pricing details. Whether you need a warm table, a committed table, or a personal place of work, charges at Regus tend to be 10-15% decrease than We Work in a comparable locality.


Both Regus and We Work are extremely good co-running workplace area providers. If you’re a freelancer or a startup and also you decide upon an informal surrounding, We Work might be a higher desire for you. Regus is to be had in greater places, is a bit much less expensive, and has a greater expert vibe. It’s a great region for severe corporations.

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