May 23, 2024


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Total Customer Service – A Priority Of Ensuring Results

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Total Customer Service is a business as well as an administrative philosophy standing erect on the foundation that an organization is actually honoring people. Yes, people who are inside and outside the organization. Furthermore the relationship between these two groups of people that actually produce the results preferably a win-win for all.

Total Customer Service fits a public, a private, or a professional organization that is being set up in the first place to proceed and grow by offering an idea, a product or a service, to the customers. Thus the practice of Total Customer Service is what these organizations shall put first as the top priority.

What is Total Customer Service? Any individual owner or leader of an organization can define it in any way he or she wants to, yet that definition looses its meaning, importance, and relevance, once it does not fit the closing of a sale which is the ultimate exchange between the organizational staff and the customers.

Total Customer Service is defined as to serve by serving the customers, particularly loyalists, consumers, and potential buyers, with the intention to gain tangible and intangible profits from the exchanges of the offerings.

Please observe that the key word in Total Customer Service is serve, and the action is serving, and this altogether is full, entire, and whole, being performed by the people within the organization who are servants to the God, and thus provide organizational services to the people who are the customers.

Thus the success of any organization is related to the level of satisfaction of their customers. This satisfaction include the customers obtaining benefits and advantageous in terms of value, quality, quantity, and price.

* Value involves caring, and particularly Total Customer Care, that is taking care of the customer, and thus in return the people within as well as the organization too is taken care of.

* Quality involves an offering that is considered sold when an organization received the reward in the exchange from a fully satisfied customer as the result. This means that goods returned, or money refunded is not considered as an offering sold. If fact, these are rather costly and utter unnecessary.

* Quantity involves the knowing that the customers are given the full weight of physical benefits and advantageous that they deserve.

* Price involves an exchange of money or what is equivalent in order to obtain value, quality as well as quantity in proportion to the intention and the act of the ultimate purchase.

In terms of providing all these, then in an individual way each staff is contributory to the Total Customer Service, that include being proactive in educating the customers, providing information, and actively receiving feedback. All these efforts are geared toward closing sales and resulting in profits to the organization.

Thus, people within the organization shall prefer to know who the customers are, and also understand the customers’ intention, attitude, behavior, character, personality, communication, interaction, relationship, approach, so much so the solution achieved ensures the customers buying the offerings with total satisfaction.

That is why an organization shall have a built-in of a fully integrated system that is Total Customer Service focused and driven as a culture to ensure customers are fully satisfied and the offerings finally sold. Thus the organization is enjoying customer retention. Then the organization shall proceed with continuous improvements to ensure an everlasting superior Total Customer Service.

However, should there be customer issues that require resolutions, then the whole force within the organization shall be in concert putting forth the synergistic process, to resolve these issues with accuracy, immediacy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Please remember that the starting point is at the recruitment stage whereby each staff in the organization shall undergo a special program to accustom him or her to perform Total Customer Service.

The program includes:

* Accuracy, that is, “yes I know and I understand fully what you mean.”

* Immediacy, that is, “yes I provide the solution to fulfill what your intent by being here and now.”

* Efficiency, that is “I shall not pass the bucket continuously higher and higher through the organizational structure. I myself is able to have this solved”

* effective, that is “this is a special case beyond me, yet please relax now, I already have the recording of all the necessary details, and I proceed now to present this to the individual in charged, and rest assured an immediate solution shall remedy your situation.”

In addition each staff is not allowed to explain any limitations within the organization as an excuse, instead be encouraged to provide abundance to ensure total customer satisfaction through organizational continuous improvements.

That means the organization shall always facilitate the staff in a manner of support, so that he or she can then facilitate the customers as a reciprocal support to the organization.

The ability to relate and handle the customer and ultimately resolved the issue shall follow with a reward to the individual who has shouldered the responsibility of providing that excellent service. This is a recognition to the staff in the spirit of spurring him or her in the next performance, as well as to be looked upon as a model of excellence in practicing Total Customer Service.

The message is clear, an organization that prefers Total Customer Service as a top priority shall inevitably encounter their customers turning into an unofficial word-of-mouth advertising. These customers understand the organizational motto “When we are not good, please tell us, but when we are good please tell others.”

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