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The Consequences, Advantages, and Disadvantages of a Green Card

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The Consequences, Advantages and Disadvantages of A Green Card.

While there are numerous blessings to being a US citizen, it’s far vital to apprehend what it approaches from a tax attitude to turn out to be a prison, everlasting resident of America. Do the outcomes of the Green Card outweigh the benefits?

Residency policies withinside the US

First and foremost, let’s have a take a observe the methods you may be taken into consideration as a resident of America.

Green Card

The green Card program is a Lawful Permanent Resident of America at any time at some stage in a calendar yr. when you have been permitted to live completely withinside the US as an immigrant. This is what’s known as a Green Card.

Residency thru the Substantial Presence Test

This check is primarily based totally on the quantity of time you have been bodily gift withinside the US. This may be confusing, but in case you fulfill the subsequent requirements, American considers you a resident:

At least 31 days at some stage in the modern-day yr. and

At least 183 days at some stage in the modern-day and previous 2 years. Note that while you are counting the day’s gift every yr. you count:

All the times you have been a gift this modern-day yr.

Only 1/three of the times final yr.

Only 1/6 of the times gift withinside the yr. previous to that

Benefits of acquiring a Green Card

As a resident of America, you’re given all rights and obligations as citizens. From due manner and freedom of speech to freedom of faith and the proper to undergo arms, you’re a citizen in a maximum of the vital methods.

You can observe for a monetary useful resource for education, paintings everywhere you need withinside the US, begin your very own enterprise or corporation, and you may truly get hold of Social Security when you have labored with inside the US for at the least 10 years. Traveling to and from America turns easier, and you may sponsor positive households for visas or Green Cards. Plus, after 5 years, you may observe for complete US citizenship.

Downsides of your Green Card

There are some motives because acquiring a Green Card won’t be the proper preference for you.

When you’re a prison resident of America, you’re required to record your global profits earned at some stage in the tax yr. in your US Federal Tax Return, now no longer simply your US-sourced profits.

If you’re a male among a long time of 18 and 25, you ought to sign in for American Selective Service.

It is feasible to lose your Green Card if:

You are absent from the United States of America for longer than a yr. without submitting for a re-access pass

You dedicate a felony- even a minor one

You fail to inform the USCIS approximately an extrude of address

You assist an unlawful immigrant input the United States of America

You have interaction in a fake marriage

Point no 1 is vital, as you cannot cross outdoor American for greater than one hundred eighty days yearly without documentation displaying your aim to go back and that you aren’t forsaking your Green Card status.

In addition, you ought to be cautious and prepared with all office work to make sure you keep your Green Card. If you’re ever requested to provide helping documentation (i.e., you need to use for complete citizenship), you could want to offer copies of all tax returns and evidence which you have maintained an everlasting house withinside the US. If your Green Card expires, you ought to renew it in a well-timed manner—within six months of expiration. Keep in thoughts that having a Green Card does now no longer defend you from deportation. more

Finally, even though Green Card holders could make monetary contributions to US elections, they cannot vote or turn out to be elected officials.


As you may see, there are some downsides to acquiring a Green Card so you must compare your non-public scenario and ensure that is the proper choice for you. If you aren’t certain approximately how lengthy you need to live inside the US and are right here on an H1b visa or something similar, it can make a greater feel to continue to be a resident alien till making a decision about which you need to use for everlasting residency. You’ll nonetheless pay taxes on your global profits; however, it’ll provide you with a while to map out your lengthy-time period dreams withinside the US. If you lose your Green Card with the aid of using violating one of the above provisions, you’ll want to begin the whole manner once more to use for a brand new one however it may be done. However, in case you voluntarily surrender your Green Card, you’re renouncing your US citizenship and it’s far difficult, if now no longer impossible, to get it back.

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