May 23, 2024


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The Applications of Financial Astrology

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The fact that astrology has quantifiable effects on human life has been proven many times and, in the past years, experts have pointed out that the influence of astrology expands not only on a personal level, but also on a professional one. Just like the movements of celestial bodies dominate individuals, they can also influence entire societies and fields such as finance. The practice that is based on this principle is called financial astrology and, like the term suggests, it follows the connection between planets and finance. It became widely known in the first half of the 20th century, when astrologer WD Gann revealed an algorithm that helped him start successful trading actions by basing his decisions on planetary movements. He was a firm believer of the fact that astral energies have a certain influence on the financial and business environment, mainly on investors, brokers and insurance companies, determining their success. Although the views on this practice vary, American pragmatics have embraced Forex astrology, saying that any piece of advice that leads to the optimization of business activities is more than welcome. There is also an institute of financial astrology in Boston and the growing interest in this field has generated considerable amounts of specialized literature that is appreciated by the general readership.

Astro-economics has various applications and traders use this practice in multiple actions. The main application is the one of determining major economic trends and it stems from the cycle of planets. Economy tends to follow similar major cycles, in the same way as history repeats itself. By offering a global perspective, astrologers can foresee the evolution or crisis of the economy, sometimes years before analysts can see it coming. One of the most notable examples in this regard is Evangeline Adams, who warned stock brokers of the economic crisis before everyone else.

It is common knowledge that one of the most difficult things about trading is determining the ideal time and place to invest. In this regard, astro-economics is said to be quite accurate, helping traders identify the most profitable stocks and the best time to invest in them. Finance astrology can be linked to complex philosophical concepts such as the nature of time, which is why specialized literature often expands the topics and offers more than economy lessons. In other words, this practice interacts with many other topics apart from economy and focuses a global, all-encompassing view of market trends.

It is not the mission of astro-economics to demolish long-standing trading principles or make brokers give up what they have learned from other sources. On the contrary, this practice encourages a multi-disciplinary approach and advises traders to take into account as many factors as possible when taking decisions in Forex actions. Although specialized books offer useful details about trading, they are not written only for the use of traders and bankers. On the contrary, everyone can invest in them if they want to know more astrology and the way it can influence human life on a global scale.

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