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Pros Vs Cons Of Import Export Business

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Pros Vs Cons Of Import Export Business

There are two sides to every story, it is said. Nowhere is this more true than the import export market. While the prospects of owning your own business and working for someone else are very different, one constant is for sure: which one is preferable wholly depends on your point of view. While few like the idea of having a boss, for some people it is entirely necessary. It takes a special kind of person to make it on their own, whether in the import export market or any other industry. The most important thing is to know the pros and cons ahead of time and only take that next step after you’ve honestly evaluated where you stand.

Independence vs. working for “the Man”: When you work for someone, it’s easy to focus on the bad. Truthfully, everyone has their good days and bad no matter who signs the paycheck. Don’t get into your own export import business if you think all of your troubles will magically disappear. You will likely work harder for yourself than you ever did for someone else. Nevertheless, many people are still attracted to the prospects of running their own business because of the fulfilling sense of independence that comes with knowing that you set your own hours. However, it is important that you realize those hours must still be logged one way or another.

Routine paycheck vs. setting your own goals: A routine paycheck like that which comes as an employee has many perks. The comfort and security is easy to get used to and can make for a hard adjustment when setting out on your own. However, the big difference that attracts people to working for themselves is the control that one has over his own destiny. Working for someone else nets you, on average, a 3 percent pay increase per year, and you always have to look over your shoulder for layoffs. Working for yourself affords you unlimited earning potential.

Hard work vs. busy work: At a typical job, you show up for 8-12 hours per day, and you’re there whether you need to be or not. That leads to a lot of unnecessary busy work. Working independently assures that the things you accomplish are for the strengthening of your business.

Market research: A necessary evil for any business, working on your own means that you must compile all the information yourself or pay to have it outsourced. Either way it costs a price you may not be willing to pay. Working for someone else usually means the tools you need are always at your disposal.

Peace of mind: What helps you sleep at night? Taking chances and making your own way or living with the monotony of premade security. The best choice depends on who you are and what you want out of life.

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