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Kenwood NX-1200 Analog & Digital VHF Two Way Radio

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NX-1200 VHF TRANSCEIVERS - NXDN or DMR digital CAI and FM analog only models

Kenwood NX-1200DE3

The NX-1200DE3 is a VHF virtual hybrid-manner radio from Kenwood. Radiotoxic high-quality vendor in 2020, the NX-1200DE3 is the easy black field layout of the 3 to be had fashions inclusive of the NX-1200DE2 and NX-1200DE.

The substitute for the highly famous TK-D240, the NX-1200 is a mid-tier manner radio that may be utilized in loads of paintings environments because of each its cutting-edge styling and extraordinary durability. A channeled ability of sixty-four is extra than enough for medium to huge-sized businesses, with those channels being capable of being cut up over a couple of zones as a way to deliver factions of your enterprise their non-public channels. Due to the NX-1200 having the capacity to be an analog/virtual hybrid because of the optionally available improvements to DMR or NEXEDGE, this permits it for use as a transitional radio while imposing a brand-new system, which means that have you’ve got operating older analog radios they may paintings along with your new radios till they want to be replaced.

With an IP55 safety score, this makes sure that the NX1200 now no longer simplest has a confined Ingres in opposition to dirt intrusion however is likewise safeguarded in opposition to jets of water from all angles. Having been examined to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G along with the NX-1200’s Ingres safety score, this guarantees that the radio is licensed to be used in all magnitudes of climate situations and is capable of constantly functioning in temperatures as low as -30°C via to 60°C.

The NX-1200 has an amass of capabilities that aid with the usability of the radio and the protection of operators at paintings. VOX Voice Activation is a function that may be used if you have a well-matched accessory, taking into account your radio for use arms lose because the radio starts transmitting while you start to speak, this type of function is good for environments wherein each arm is required while finishing a job. An emergency button may be programmed to the NX-1200 as a protection precaution for your employees, have a scenario gets up wherein an operator has a protection or protection problem then urgently this button will speedily notify different radios withinside the fleet that an employee can be in danger. Alongside this emergency button, this is manually pressed, the NX-1300 also can be programmed with the function Lone Worker. This function will reveal the pastime stages of the radio and have to it’s inactive for a pre-programmed quantity of time a beep will sound, if this beep stays un-replied to then an alarm might be dispatched to different radios withinside the community to allow employees now there can be a problem.

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