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How to Stretch Out Your Budget in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam by Supporting Local Businesses

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When it comes to stretching your budget, supporting local businesses is a good idea. After all, you can save money and, at the same time, help the businesses in the community become stronger. 

If you’re a businessperson visiting Ho Chi Minh City, you can also research businesses like accommodation providers, restaurants, tour operators, and others by directly taking services from them. (See: business buy sell platforms in Vietnam).

You can stretch your budget in Ho Chi Minh City with the following suggestions:

Allot 10-30 USD for your Accommodation

Vietnam is a cheap country when it comes to accommodation. With a budget of 10-30 USD, you can get a decent hostel for yourself. 

There are two types of accommodations in Vietnam; Privates and Dorms. If you don’t mind living with other guests, you can go for the latter. However, if you value much your privacy, then go with the former.

A budget of 30 USD should be enough for any of the accommodation mentioned above.

Allot around 10 USD per day for your food

There are many options to choose from when it comes to food while you’re in Vietnam. Typically a budget of 10 USD is enough for all your food needs for a day. 

Let’s say for breakfast; you would order noodles that would cost you 1 USD and a Banh Mi sandwich for 50 cents. In total, it’s only 1.5 USD. It is better to allocate around 3 USD for breakfast. By doing this, you can still order a coffee or bottled water and other stuff.

You can do the same budgeting for lunch and dinner, which will make it a total of 9-10 USD as for your daily total meal budget.

If you can ride on your own, rent a bike. If not, buy cheap day tours.

If you are the person who wants to explore Ho Chi Minh City by yourself, you can rent a motorbike to explore the city. It will only cost you around 10 USD a day. 

If you don’t know how to drive or you’re not an explorer type of traveller, you can buy yourself a day tour from any tour operator. Going to Cu Chi Tunnels would cost you around 20 USD. However, if you want to extend your tour to the Mekong Delta River, it would cost you around 60 USD.

The Cu Chi Tunnel tour duration is approximately 6 hours, while the Mekong Delta with Cu Chi Tunnel is around 11 hours.

What to Do with the Money You Have Saved by Supporting Local Businesses?

If you like shopping, by all means, you can go to the Ben Thanh Market. Perhaps you want to buy a pair of clothes, a slipper, and some souvenir items. All these are possible to buy with a budget of 50 USD or less.

Perhaps you want to get yourself a body massage. This costs only around 10 USD around Ho Chi Minh City.

The more you spend money in Vietnam, the more businesses you’re helping. If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s also possible to start your own business there via business for sale Vietnam agencies.

If you’re a startup or you’re just somebody who needs help to buy or sell a business, you can contact Easy Buy Sell Business Vietnam. They are among those known Business for Sales Platform that can help you in your endeavour.

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