May 27, 2024


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Feedback Loop Madness For Incredible Seduction And Attraction

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Feedback loops are an incredibly powerful, incredibly complex, and often completely ignored facet that make up a bulk of pretty much everything, from solar systems to economic systems. And of course, seduction.

First of all, what is a feedback loop? You are standing next to an amp, into which your guitar is plugged. Also, a mic is plugged into another amp. You play your guitar, the sound comes out of your amp, and then into the mic, and then out of mic amp, and then back into the mic, and then everybody’s ear drums explode.

Another common example is in economics. Ever wonder why you can gather ten economists in a room and get eleven different opinions? It’s never the same. The economic decision you make with twenty bucks in your pocket are different than the ones you make with ten bucks in your pocket.

Once you feed your money into the “system” both you and the system change. This is why nobody will ever be able to predict the stock market, or anything related to economics for that matter.

However, you want to get girls, right? Well, don’t talk about economics!

How do feedback loops apply here? Let’s say you’re really confident, and you come across a really cute girl who’s not so confident. You say something to her with confidence, and then she’ll feed off your confidence, becoming more confident herself, which will of course give you more confidence, and this “positive” feedback loop will have a happy ending.

On the other hand, if you only have medium confidence, and you come across the same girl, you may get completely different results. She may misinterpret your medium confidence as a slam on her (on a subconscious level), which will get her responding with a little less confidence, giving you less, until you’re both staring off into the distance wondering what the heck just happened.

As a man, (like it or not buddy!) it’s your job to “lead” the feedback loop.

Swoop in there with your confidence, “feel out” her level of confidence, and then slowly and steadily, through your conversation, bring her up to the level where you can spark that self-sustaining positive feedback loop.

Kind of like the critical mass of a nuclear explosion.

When this happens, it’s fantastic. Everything just “clicks.” You’re truly vibing off each other, and all nervousness fades away (for both of you) and you can really dig in and enjoy each other.

Now, most guys think that this only “happens” once in a while. But when you approach each and every conversation with the creation of this positive feedback loop in mind, it will start to happen more and more often.

One thing that can really accelerate this process is if you have rock solid confidence at a deep and unconscious level, so you’ll be able comfortably lead pretty much any girl to that wonderful state of self-fulfilling bliss.

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