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Excavator Grease System

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Automatic Greasing System for Loaders , Excavator, लुब्रिकेशन इक्विपमेंट,  लुब्रिकेशन उपकरण - JVG Products Private Limited, Mumbai | ID: 20098869473

A revolutionary distributor centralized lubrication device is used for the lubrication of the earthment Equipment. Isohitech offered the whole grease solution, protected the strain reveal and alarm in time. If one of the factors has a few problems, the device will ship you a signal. It may want to keep the hosting fee and longer your highly-priced equipment’s life.


The grease will transmit to the lab factor thru the better strain pipes. The sensors at the distributor will monitor the counts and strain pressure. Every pump is ready with a secure valve, Isohitech generally at 200bars, if the device is running well, the secure valve will now no longer be running. On the alternative hand, if the device is having a problem, the secure valve will paint, and also you want to forestall the equipment and take a look at the situation and  isohitech.com gives us complete information about pumps of all types.

The primary Lub Point:

  • Bucket cylinder
  • Arm cylinder
  • Arm Pin
  • Boom guide bearing

Progressive grease distributor:

As all of us realize the grease may be very thick and don’t have a glide feature and those usually suppose the grease may be distributor just like the oil, however, the trues is “no”, you may without problems buy the oil distributor withinside the market, it generally like manifold vendors. And grease device is different, we generally adopt the piston push the alternative piston’s way to push the grease out like one with the aid of using one, the benefit of this construction, this is can cowl the grease even withinside the wintry weather time, as a quality and simplest preference. The distributors have slice vendors and seamless vendors, each can paintings, however, the slice blocks may be regulated primarily based totally on the grease requirement, for example, your grease nipple simplest want small grease, you may select the small piston to push the small grease to the factor, this is the benefit of the slice, however, the seamless blocks is simplest one length, we generally preference 6mm piston that’s the global requirements and that length may be very smooth machining at 60mm period holes. You can’t regulate the grease output through these vendors. however, you may plug one of the stores in the restoration site.  more

Grease lubricator:

A grease lubricator is a not unusualplace workshop and equipment used for lubrication. How do we use the grease pump? That is used to feature the lubricant to a few factors, generally thru a grease distributor to a grease becoming or named grease nipple this is crafted from SS304 or the SS316. The pipes that are bronze or the plastic to the grease nipple undergo to wherein the lubrication wanted. The grease lubricator must be restored close to the club factor. 

Hand-powered: Press the grease with the aid of using hand.  more

Air-powered (pneumatic): join the air to amplify the pressure to push the grease out. 

Electric: hook up with the electricity however it can’t restoration outside. The grease has skinny or thicker ones and also you’d higher preference for the proper tool for the proper grease.

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