July 14, 2024


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Economic Downturn Creates a Cheap Electronics Goldmine For Resellers

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Economic Downturn Creates a Cheap Electronics Goldmine For Resellers

It’s hard to turn on the TV these days without seeing some story about the economic downturn. While it all might seem like doom and gloom there’s actually a nugget of good news in it for resellers. Sourcing just got a whole lot cheaper. Particularly when it comes to cheap electronics from China.

Through 2006 and 2007 there was a huge rise in the cost of China electronics. With high demand and strong economic conditions it seemed that it was nothing for prices to double or even triple in a six month period.

After the bubble burst though it was a different story. Over the past two years prices have tumbled to the point where items were 50% of what they were at their peak. And to make the pot a little bit sweeter the crisis has resulted in some of the more marginal manufacturers getting out of the industry removing some bad quality product makers and improving the quality of products overall.

This is being reflected in the opinions of customers.

Until recently many believed that the goods coming from China were of poor quality. A common saying for clothes coming out of China, for example, was “buy it cheap, wear it once, and trash it”. Same was thought about electronics.

However, things have changed and many famous world brands began manufacturing their goods in China.

So these are the three big developments to come out of China in the last three years when it comes to cheap electronics:

* Electronics from China are cheaper than they have ever been before.
* Electronics from China are in better condition as a whole than they have ever been before.
* Consumers are more willing to spend on a budget with cheap electronic brands.

That’s three pretty good pieces of news for people that happen to be in the market as resellers.

This doesn’t mean that everything is safe and you will probably still need to offer up a good level of customer support and give people warranties. So if you are new to cheap electronics online business, start searching for answers now.

Do good research on the companies that have already set sail into the world of online cheap electronics reselling. Make a good starting plan and follow it.

You need to know every detail and every site that offers contacts and reviews of good Chinese companies that can supply you with the merchandise.

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