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Custom Wedding Postage Stamps Have Been Discontinued

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Custom Postage Stamps for Weddings to Be Discontinued by USPS

In June of 2020, the USPS ended its custom postage application after sixteen years of providing customized postage stamps. Companies along with Minted, Zazzle, and are not allowed to print custom postage. It is not viable to shop for or create custom postage stamps.

Alternatives to Personalized Postage

The USPS has some wedding ceremony-themed for all timestamps in addition to two-ounce wedding ceremony stamps. While those designs fall brief of the personalization that custom postage provided couples, those love-themed stamps do will let you upload a romantic contact on your wedding ceremony mail.

These wedding ceremony-themed Timbro personalizzato may be bought at your nearby submit workplace and on

Minted has additionally created a listing of eight thoughts to customize your envelopes supplying you with numerous approaches to feature your persona to the out of doors of your mail similarly to what is on the inside.

Custom Postage: The Past, Present, & Future

Beginning in 2004, the USPS legal vendors (along with Minted, Dazzle,, etc.) to allow humans create custom stamps for any event the usage of photos, text, or anything they’d like to place on a stamp. For a small premium (above the face fee of the postage), those businesses will let you pick out from hundreds of wedding ceremony-themed postage stamps or create your own. This allows couples to manage the appearance and sense of the stamps for their wedding ceremony invites.

Examples of Custom Wedding Stamps

Artists designed hundreds of stunning custom postage stamps starting from monogram stamps to like stamps and each topic, color, and topic in-between. Couples ought to locate an appropriate manner to get dressed up for their invites or maybe use custom shop the date stamps whilst sending their wedding ceremony announcements. Millions of custom postage stamps have been created, bought, and used as legitimate postage over the years.

But with inside the spring of 2020, the USPS notified (who became the most effective final custom postage printer) that they have been finishing their custom postage application after sixteen years. The U.S. Postal Service mentioned declining income and criminal frustration related to proceedings approximately what became and wasn’t approved on postage stamps. This abrupt finishing became met with disappointment—specifically inside the wedding ceremony enterprise which became a famous area for custom postage stamps for shopping the dates, wedding ceremony invites, and more. The application formally ended on June 16th, 2020.

We have been saddened to listen to this information after selling the sale of hundreds of thousands of custom-designed wedding ceremony stamps during the last eleven years. We labored with Zazzle for decades till they discontinued their custom postage and later promoted custom wedding ceremony postage from Minted persevering with to present couples a personal, creative, and fashionable manner to ship their wedding ceremony mail. We hate to look at it end and desire that with inside the destiny the USPS will opposite their choice to terminate the application.

If you continue to have unused custom postage stamps, they may continually be legitimate postage for the quantity written at the front despite the fact that the custom postage application has ended. | Newsphere by AF themes.