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The Top Dedicated Server Security Tips

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11 Dedicated Server Security Best Practices

When you plan to buy domain name and hosting package for your website, the most important area you must focus on is the server security features provided by your web host. This is especially true in the case of Dedicated Servers. 

Dedicated Servers are very vital to businesses and organizations. They are responsible for supplying both computational resources and data.

However, we can not ignore the fact that they are vulnerable to all sorts of security breaches and cyber-attacks. What is even more scary is that these security vulnerabilities can lead to data loss and control that can jeopardize the whole business. 

With that in mind, we are going to share the most effective safety tips to secure a Dedicated Server Australia. By applying these tips, you will be able to keep your server and data secure and consistent. 

Why Is Dedicated Server Security Important?

Having a secure Dedicated Server means you have an entire server for your organization, and all its data and information are safe. With Dedicated Servers, everything lies in your hand — from administrative control to freedom of configuration — which makes it highly desirable for any business. 

Below are the reasons why you must prioritize your Dedicated Server security:

  • Prevents password breaches
  • Protect Dedicated Servers from malicious attacks
  • Prevent DDoS attacks
  • Prevent software vulnerabilities 

Top Server Safety Tips for Australian Dedicated Servers

  • Carry Out Regular Malware Scans

There is a huge variety of viruses, spyware, worms, and trojans that can cause potential harm to your website and steal your confidential data. Therefore, it is necessary to run regular malware scans on your server. 

  • Install the Latest Security Patches

Outdated security patches are one of the things that hackers exploit. Thankfully, most developers and hosting providers offer regular security updates that help in identifying and fixing the bugs in your server. So, make sure to install the updated security patches as soon as they are introduced. 

  • Utilize DDoS Protection

A DDoS attack is no less than a nightmare for any website owner. These attacks are intended to bring down the performance of a website or even the entire server. If not addressed on time, DDoS attacks can cause a great deal of financial loss to a business. Therefore, it is important to use robust DDoS protection for your websites as well as Dedicated Servers. 

  • Maintain Separate Account for Each User

When it comes to handling a Dedicated Server, only the system administrator should have root access to the server. Everyone else using the server should have a separate account with limited access. This will ensure a higher degree of data protection and data integrity. 

  • Create Backups

This is perhaps the most important safety tip for securing a Dedicated Server. Always back up your data at regular intervals. This will help you bring your website back to normal condition if anything goes wrong. So, a good idea is to opt for hosting plans that come with automatic backups. Also, consider creating multiple copies of the backup instead of just one. 

Summing Up

After going through this blog and applying the best Dedicated Server safety tips, you will feel more confident about the safety and security of your server. 

It is recommended that you should implement these security best practices at the time of setting up your server for the very first time. 

That’s about it. We hope that it helps!

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