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Does Plus Size Fashion Have A Future?

NEW YORK, NY, March 3, 2018

Not long ago, little girls everywhere would play with dolls and pick up magazines with women that did not look like their mothers, teachers, or other daily role models. We were all living in a world of unrealistic beauty that was glamorized by our media. The average woman was not properly represented within fashion. Fortunately, the future of fashion is looking a lot less photoshopped and a lot more embracing of the beautiful, everyday woman.

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It is no secret that the average size woman in America is nowhere near a double zero. In reality, she is around a size fourteen. Thankfully, so many different brands have taken notice and have aimed to make more body inclusive fashion. Nowadays, you will see brands with campaigns that represent a diverse range of body types, and use minimal editing to truly showcase real women.

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So many influential women have taken a stand to redefine beauty norms and start a revolution. It is amazing to live in a time where full figured models like Hunter McGrady are featured in Sports Illustrated, showcasing her flawless curves. Iskra Lawrence is another phenomenal role model who constantly promotes the importance of body positivity through campaigns and her own social media. Ashley Graham is one of the most inspirational voices for the plus size community and for women of all ages struggling with body image. Even Barbie has joined the movement and released a collection of dolls that represent tall, petite, and curvy girls. The large audience that influential models, media personalities, and brands reach can make a big difference in the direction that our society is taking body inclusiveness.

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So what does this mean for the future of fashion? We are walking into a new era. The term plus size will soon be something of the past. The rise of social media has allowed body positive influencers and models of all sizes to use their voices on a large platform and inspire women all around the world. Women everywhere have role models that are just one double tap away and are gaining the confidence to show off their natural beauty and voice their opinions. Designers have heard us loud and clear and are finally catering to a wider array of sizes. The revolution is among us and plus size fashion will no longer exist. The world of fashion is so much more than a size, but a way of expressing your creativity through clothing. Fashion is just fashion.